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Bronze Knights
Bronze Knights

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PostSubject: OMG! GURL!    Sun May 13, 2012 11:36 am

OMG! So I was just looking around my room for my cards i bought about... less then a year ago, and i find an August 2011 volume of Shonen Jump i bought! The I realized that there are usually some tips on certain cards! So! I open it up! And what do I find? I found a First Edition Holographic Meklord Emperor Wisel! I was like... OHMAGUR! This card is so nifty!
But since the SJ was all rolled up in a box, the card is a little bent.. but besides that, its in lovely condition! I am going to put dis shit in a sleeve! It is smexi! AND OMG! Look at this!

Now I just added this photo from google cause i dont have a camera... but still! I am going to build a deck around this! AND NO ONE BETTER FUCKING STEAL IT!. This is mah shit! <3 <3 I love you I love you I love you

OMG! IT IS LIKE A LEGIT RELINQUISHED -boot leg version tho...-
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Assault Black
Assault Black

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PostSubject: Re: OMG! GURL!    Sun May 13, 2012 12:42 pm

Uhmm i dont remember from what booster pack did weasel come but and the others 2 but whatever.

The best and most competitive deck that runs weasel is Chaos Piper.
its based on getting pluses with Mystic Piper and controling your oponent with card like D.D Crow and veiler
as well you have the most powerful cards of the format to get defense. its a good deck

Here is a good decklist (isnt mine), i see it very speed and powerful as also stable.


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