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 Test Results for kajowwojak

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Leviathan Blue
Leviathan Blue

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Test Results for kajowwojak Empty
PostSubject: Test Results for kajowwojak   Test Results for kajowwojak Icon_minitimeSat Apr 21, 2012 9:43 pm

Match Wins: 1 Win and 2 losses, 3 points
Card Usage: 15 Points
Deck Construction: 20 points
Ruling Knowledge: 3 points
Ruling Questions: 1 Point

Total Points: 42

Welcome to Leviathan Blue!

kajowwojak. that was a pretty respectable duel there. I don't see that type of Gishkis being used that often where traps are useless. You fought hard and did your best. The decklist in my opinion still needs a few tweaks but other than that, you tried to pressure me early. All of which I respect. You are a fine duelist now. If you have time. Read up a little more on rulings. That may help out your game, anyway, best of luck to you!
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Test Results for kajowwojak
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