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 Pro Deck Shop by ShadowKnight

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PostSubject: Pro Deck Shop by ShadowKnight   Pro Deck Shop by ShadowKnight Icon_minitimeSun Apr 22, 2012 12:48 am

If You Need Any Details Or How To Use A Deck That You Bought, Feel Free to Ask Me

This Weeks Super Special Deals
-Buy any 8 Decks of your Choice for 1000P
-Buy any 4 Decks of your choice for 600

Hyperion Agents - 200P

Ally Justice - 100P

Black Wing - 120p

Chain Burn - 140P

Dragunity SDD AM - 250P

Empty Jar - 200P

Evil Hero - 140P

Fabled - 100P

FrogNarchs - 250P

Gallis OTK - 150P

Gem-Knight - 100P

Gishki - 200P

Gladiator Beast - 150P

Gusto - 90P

Jurrac - 90P

Laval Quasar - 250P

LightSworn - 150P

Resonator Nova Dragon - 120P

Scrap - 150P

Skill Drain Malifics - 200P

Spellcaster - 100P

Spellcaster AM - 150P

Wind-Up - 150P

Wing Up Inzectors - 300

XYZ Zombies - 200P

Zombies - 120P

Anti Meta - 200P

Dark Gaia Otk - 200P

Devine Wind - 240P

E Hero Beatdown - 250P

Grave Keepers - 220P

Destiny End Dragoon - 200P

Inzectors - 200P

Six Sams - 150P

Steelswarm - 120P

This Weeks New Decks!!!

Alien: 75P

Geargai XYZ: 200

Inz-Tella-Agents: 200

Machina: 175

Verz Rabbit: 300
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Assault Black
Assault Black

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Pro Deck Shop by ShadowKnight Empty
PostSubject: pro decks by shadowknight   Pro Deck Shop by ShadowKnight Icon_minitimeFri May 18, 2012 11:25 pm

and hyperion agents plz
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Pro Deck Shop by ShadowKnight
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