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 QDA Points awarded for dueling in "Dragon Battle Arena"

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PostSubject: QDA Points awarded for dueling in "Dragon Battle Arena"   Sat Apr 21, 2012 3:25 pm

Same Dorm vs Same Dorm
Winner gets awarded 25 QDA Points

One Dorm Higher
Awared 50 QDA Points

Two Dorms Higher
Awarded 75 QDA Points

Three Dorms Higher
Awarded 100 QDA Points

One Dorm Lower
Awarded 20 QDA Points

Two Dorm Lower
Awarded 15 QDA Points

Three Dorm Lower
Awarded 10 QDA Points

Like a Star @ heaven Wager duels are all Match Mode.
Like a Star @ heaven If you duel an admin and win you will earn 125 QDA Points.
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QDA Points awarded for dueling in "Dragon Battle Arena"
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