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 Rank-Up For Dorms

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PostSubject: Rank-Up For Dorms   Sat Apr 21, 2012 3:26 pm

You will be given a dorm depending on your test results. However, you can move up a dorm. If you are in Stardust Phantom Dorm you can duel a user from Starlight Silver Dorm by giving up a certain amount of QDA Points. The duels for Rank-Up will be match mode.
The Amount of QDA Points needed to rank-up :

Move from Bronze Knights to Leviathan Blue = 1250 QDA Points
Move from Leviathan Blue to Assault Black = 2500 QDA Points
Move from Assault Black to Quasar White = 5000 QDA Points

Like a Star @ heaven If you loose the rank-up duel u will loose 500 QDA Pts
Like a Star @ heaven You can only challenge for a rank-up duel once per week
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Rank-Up For Dorms
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